08 July 2007

Neighbours Have Berries

How much for that flat?

A sure sign of summer is when the neighbours are in the fields picking their strawberries. Some people love to pick them from the fields while others just like to pick them from their dishes!

06 April 2007

Spring Is Here

the cleanup starts now. company is coming.

23 December 2006

On The Way

Mad at the world

Piled up

A bit earlier.

We are so excited! We are having company come to visit us tomorrow. So we will be spending most of today racing around the house to clean everything up, chase out the field mice and shoo away any lingering hunters. I just wish we could get Gerome to stop staring out the window and give us a hand. It's like he has a chip on his shoulder or something. He makes it seem like there is just so much snow here, when if he looked out the other windows he would see there is hardly any left with this rain that we are getting today.

-Eddy the moose.

11 November 2006

Still Safe From The Hunt

On guard for thee

Almost two months have gone by and of us are safe from the mighty hunters. It seems that hunters go foraging for moose like myself in September but as if to say that is not enough they go foraging again in November for deer. Deer look an aweful lot like myself which means I still have to hide out in the house here in the burg. I don't mind being inside all this time as I have lots of friends here to keep me company. Pig is doing a fine job watching out for the hunters, but I know that they are close by. Today I heard a shot fired in our back field and a mighty orange man drove by our window on a four wheeling vehicle. I hope that everyone in the back field is okay.


30 September 2006

Safe From The Hunt

Can't get us here!

Hi. We are just having a great time in the living room watching all of the mighty hunters wander all over the fields looking for moose. What a shame. Silly hunters, thinking I would be outside in the bushes when I could be here having a great time and staying warm.

19 September 2006

"Über die Planke schicken"

celebrate talk like a pirate day in german. It is good for what ails you and can be lots of fun. Arrrr!

14 September 2006

The Pile Up

Eddy thought it was a good idea to clean out the barn before the barn collasped and swallowed up everything inside. Dorothea agreed and with that a pile was started. The pile has gotten quite large and spread along the backside of the barn in quick fashion.